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now. first, resentments are lingering. debora villalon live at the west oakland bart station with how bart hopes riders can put that behind them. >> reporter: it's been a nightmare week. endless lines, hassles. bart and its workers hope riders can forgive, if not forget. tough to wash away the worry of the past week. but that whistle signals the end of the stretch for this working mother of three. >> my boss had to pick me up for work. plans got canceled because we couldn't travel to where we need to go. i'm happy everything is back up and running. >> i want to tell the riders that we regret the inconvenience. >> reporter: union regret is tempered by the fact they may strike again if there's no contract in 30 days. >> we don't want to hold the public hostage. >> reporter: ask those to describe what issues remain? >> i don't have that much time. >> reporter: many customers are not laughing about their lost time, money and peace of mind. and may not be as loyal as before. >> i thought bart was the most convenient way. but it turns out the ferry might be a little better for me. >> report
workers being received? debora villalon live with what passengers are saying. >> reporter: this station is a hub for all the lines. we've been watching the rails up there, watching the trains run in and out. the four days of turmoil, not the focus now. it's what bart customers have been waiting for. the sounds of normalcy. the chance to step on to a train once again. >> happy fourth of july. i was really happy. >> are you worried it might happen again? >> no, i think it's going to be good now. >> the battle is not over. the job is not done. >> reporter: with a truce, both sides admit they weren't anywhere near negotiating their way out of picket lines and gridlock. how close is a contract? >> close enough we'll be able to get there. >> we have withstood the assault and attack by bart on our members. >> reporter: the new clock is already ticking. you could strike again? >> we could. this is not a cooling off period. this is a a period to let bart know they have 30 days. >> reporter: passengers would rather saver the moment than stress about the future. >> this is huge. this is huge. >> r
's debora villalon live near sfo with some insight from a pilot and an air-traffic controller. debora. >> well, we're south of the airport, along the bay, and you can look out and see the wreckage. south koreas wreckage sources in the tower tell me had a that the pilot realized he was landing short and trying to pull up and make another attempt, but simply too late. >> you cannot land on that part of the runway. you have to land here. >> reporter: retired united airline captain bruce mylan landed countless times here. the big fans and engines provide thrust, but take time to spool up when pilots hit the throttle. >> you might have 3, 4 seconds delay and if you have that delay, then the april is going to settle in, especially if you were slow to start with. >> reporter: gusting erratic winds can make sfo landings tricky, but winds were tame at the time. air-traffic controllers amindful if jets land together, wake turbulence from the one in front can cause instability for the one that follows. bill pong retired from sfo tower two months ago and listening to the air traffic transmissio
is live in san francisco with local reaction and we begin with debora villalon. >> we're at frank ogawa plaza, where you can see people are gathered here, this protest starting to grow in just the last half-hour. many people are wearing hoodies and some carrying signs and protesters outraged that martin's shooting was seen bit jurors as justifiable self- defense. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. 2-year-old george zimmerman heard the verdict with little emotion after 16 hours' of deliberation, the jury cleared him of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year- old trayvon martian. >> obviously , we are ecstatic with the results. >> reporter: the prosecution admits that the case was difficult. >> what we always believed was that this was a case of details that had to be analyzed very, very carefully. >> reporter: the shooting happened in february last year. in the small town of sanford, outside of orlando. with screams recorded on the now infamous 911 call. the mother of george zimmerman said it was her son's voice. the mother of trayvon martin says the screa
, but there is a $35,000 reward for information leading to her killer. reporting live in oakland, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now to our coverage of the crash of flight 214 and the families of three victims killed by the asiana plane crash and it's aftermath have hired a law firm. chronicle reports that they are represented by an attorney from a new york-based aviation law fiscal year and today asiana airlines hired disaster response company dsm global to handle the return of personal effects from the crash. >>> there was a big fix it job in foreman after a large sinkhole opened up in the city's mission district. according to san francisco public works, the sinkhole on treat street near 20th was about 3' deep and several feet wide. crews patch up the sinkhole to make it safe to drive on and they say sinkholes are not concommon in the city. it's just part of having an ongoing aging infrastructure. >>> new details about a body found floating yesterday in an east bait lake. police say the body is that of a man believed to be a concord resident, who witnesses say fell into ellis lake. police
as the clock ticks closer to the deadline. ktvu's debora villalon is in oakland after taking the temperatures on both sides. >> reporter: for 23 days the trains have run, the riders happy, if not completely confident. >> we have not wasted the time. we have had made progress bart a its two major unions have failed to make a deal. >> because the main negotiator isn't there, we're talking about secondary type issues, smaller issues, not the big- ticket items. >> reporter: bart's lead negotiator tom hoch has been on vacation, and workers mock him by wearing hawaiian shirts and the buses that bart hired to shuttle passengers during the strike were from his company. >> in thomas hoch's company stands to earn a penny off of running a shuttle service during a strike, that is enough to disqualify him. >> reporter: to which bart says? >> if an attempt to take the focus off the fact that we need to be talking about pensions, benefits, and salaries. >> reporter: the big issues that put bart workers on the picket line the first four days of july. talks have inched forward on smaller, supplemental iss
, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> so how are all the bart workers being received? debora villalon live with what passengers are saying. >> reporter: this station is a hub for all the lines. we've been watching the rails up there, watching the trains run in and out. the four days of turmoil,
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)